Chiropractic care in Helsinki

Located in the heart of Helsinki I provide solutions and relief for common ailments ranging from neck- and lower back pain to sciatica, headaches and migraine.

Explanation and diagnosis for the causes of your complaints

We will also discuss associated symptoms you might experience, such as upper- or lower limb numbness, weakness, dizziness or vertigo to name a few.

During the initial consultation we’ll map out the factors influencing your current complaint from relevant past medical history through a thorough orthopaedic- and neurological examination. We will give you an explanation to your complaint as well as diagnose the tissue in lesion. If no further investigations are needed (such as X-ray- or MRI-imaging) we will start the treatment during the first visit as well as discuss tailored rehabilitation strategies to prevent the risk of recurrence of the problem in the long run.

With a speciality training in the field of functional neurology we will use various approaches to influence your brain’s way of perceiving your body -including pain- and it’s surroundings. All our treatment modalities are non-invasive and safe.

At Kampin Kiropraktiikka we believe your care should:

  • Work quickly and be cost-effective
  • Follow treatment guidelines and latest research
  • Include self-help strategies to decrease the risk of re-occurrence
  • Include clear communication with your health care providers

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Contact address:
Juho Hynninen
Kampin kiropraktiikka
Urho Kekkosen katu 8 C, 5th floor.
00100 Helsinki

Bookings & Queries:
Juho Hynninen, BChirSc, MChiro, DACNB
Doctor of Chiropractic
Mobile: (+358) 400 29 29 08
E-mail: juho[at]kampinkiropraktiikka.fi

NB! Choose “Ensimmäinen konsultaatio” (=initial consultation) when you’re visiting us for the first time!

Initial Consultation.: 100e
Follow-up Visits: 75e
Sensorimotor Examination: 130e

Physiotherapy 45 min.: 60e
Physiotherapy 60 min.: 80e
Physiotherapy 90 min.: 90e

Kampin Kiropraktiikka Juho Hynninen

Juho Hynninen

Kiropraktikko, Doctor of Chiropractic, BChirSc, MChiro, DACNB
Neurologisen, sensomotorisen & vestibulaarisen kuntoutuksen asiantuntija

0400 29 29 08

Kampin Kiropraktiikka Oskar Gruner

Oskar Gruner

Fysioterapeutti, PT

040 5184 757

Chiropractic care in Helsinki

Come and tell us about your musculoskeletal problems and we will solve them together!

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